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Humanized Communications: How to Use Social Media for Business Promotion the Right Way

These days, the world of social media is populated with millions of different brands, each striving to get their share of public attention. To stand out from this crowd, you need to grasp the most important concept of social media … Continue reading

A day in the life of an SEO Copywriter

I’ve always wanted to write. I think that’s something you can’t just fall into. In other jobs, it’s easy to fall into roles that you didn’t intend on doing. But I think writing is something you just have to have … Continue reading

Are You Guest Blogging or GUESS Blogging?

Ok, you have a blog, that’s great. But, just like in real life, if you want to form a stronger relationship with other bloggers and readers out there, not only should you host evens at your humble abode, but also … Continue reading

Perpetuum Mobile: Using Creative Thinking to Get Infinite Blogging Ideas

Internet marketers blog a lot – such are the specifics of their trade. However, after a year or two, many of us feel as if we’ve “hit the wall”. There is nothing left to say, it seems, and not a … Continue reading