Humanized Communications: How to Use Social Media for Business Promotion the Right Way

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These days, the world of social media is populated with millions of different brands, each striving to get their share of public attention. To stand out from this crowd, you need to grasp the most important concept of social media “etiquette”, which is humanizing.

When it comes to promotion a biz across social media, you should understand that it’s NOT the place where traditional internet marketing techniques work. Here you use different means of building the following of your loyal customers. And the prime elements of marketing on this type of media are being social and acting like a human.

If while acting under your company brand you manage to preserve a human face, you will turn social media into a powerful tool that will let you:

  • Drive targeted traffic to your website,
  • Engage with your potential customers and clients,
  • Manage your brand’s reputation across various Internet channels.

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How to Use YouTube for Business Promotion

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YouTube is a huge media platform that serves up millions of videos to billions of viewers worldwide. It’s a great place where you can use your video content to promote your biz and find lots of potential clients.

So how do you get started?

First, you need to set up a YouTube channel and fill it with high-quality, useful, informative (or funny) videos. Second, you need to find ways to secure the right kind of attention for your video content.

Read this article and you will learn how to:

  • optimize your YouTube videos to make them show up in video search results and elsewhere on the Google Display Network;
  • use YouTube AdWords Keyword Tool;
  • combine paid and free ways of promotion videos on YouTube.

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7 Social Media Sites You Can Get Dofollow Links From

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Getting links has become quite a challenge these days. Website promoters are doing their best to locate sources to get relevant high-quality dofollow links from. However, this task is getting more and more difficult to implement.

Surprisingly, there is a super easy way to get dofollow links from… social media and bookmarking sites!

Yes, most social media platforms let you get only nofollow links. However, there are some little-known tricks that will let you get fully-fledged dofollow links there.

On top of that, combining your SEO and social media efforts is a smart step, which will let you not only enhance your audience outreach and brand promotion efforts, but also improve your website’s search visibility.

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5 Actionable SEO Tools for Online Local Biz

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Everyone who is engaged in promoting websites on a local level knows that things like optimizing for Google’s local listings, building citations and getting positive reviews are the key components of a strong local search presence. Implementing these things can be quite a challenge. But luckily there are tools that can be of great help and streamline the process of local search engine optimization. Continue reading

Link building Insights: how to both build traffic-productive and SEO-effective links.

Link building has become quite a challenge these days – the recent groundbreaking Google’s Penguin update dramatically changed the whole SEO landscape. The update altered the algorithmic segmentation of good vs. bad links – thus, lots of link building activities that used to work, have been labeled as spammy. All this has drastically changed the way webmasters should approach link building. In a word, nowadays building links has become a more complex and tricky process.

However, there are some link building methods that can work well, improve your site visibility and bring lots of targeted traffic. Read on to learn how to build links in the context of the latest Google update. Continue reading