9 Inbound Marketing Lessons Master Yoda Taught Me


– Do, or do not. There is no try. – Yoda

I love Star Wars. I think it’s the second greatest sci-fi movie ever after The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (sorry, George Lucas, no offence). And, one of my favorite Star Wars characters is Master Yoda, a walking oxymoron (a powerful shorty) and a talking inversion.

I think some of his teachings are actually encoded Internet marketing messages, since here is what I discovered while listening to his words of wisdom: Continue reading

The Crystal Ball of 2012: SEO Industry’s Biggest Predictions, Distilled

Crystal Ball It has become a tradition for the SEO industry folks to make predictions at the turn of the year, and 2012 is not an exception. We have gone through many famous bloggers’ forecasts for 2012, picking out the most important/unusual/controversial points and delivering them straight to your door. Enjoy! Continue reading

Perpetuum Mobile: Using Creative Thinking to Get Infinite Blogging Ideas

lampInternet marketers blog a lot – such are the specifics of their trade. However, after a year or two, many of us feel as if we’ve “hit the wall”. There is nothing left to say, it seems, and not a single blogging idea comes to mind. Well, this is because very few people are actually endowed with the ability to be ceaselessly churning out new ideas.

Is there a way out? Sure, there is. There are several simple techniques one can use to generate a virtually limitless number of blogging ideas. What’s important to understand is that A NEW IDEA IS NOT THE SUM TOTAL OF YOUR OLDER IDEAS, and the most unproductive way to create something new is just to reshuffle or amass something old, in a technical sort of way. While in fact, each new idea requires some creative thinking, a new twist and a fit of inspiration, I’d say.

So, let’s see what those creative thinking techniques are. Continue reading

7 Easy Steps to Ranking Highly In Google Shopping Results

This post is for those who live and breathe Web commerce – e-commerce site owners, merchants who’d like to promote their shopping venues on the Internet, and similar folks. Continue reading

Does Your Site Have a Cause? One Ultimate Question to Rule Them All!

There are over 1 000 billion webpages indexed on the Web – and only 2 billion people using the Internet on the Globe. So, how do you make your site stand out? How do you penetrate the swarming beehive of the online market? Or set up a unique affiliate blog?

Well, guys, this is NOT just another post that gives you tips like, oh, you gotta make your site unique, make it stand out, be passionate about what you do, yada yada.
What it IS about is a life-changing, revolutionary idea by Simon Sinek that I’d like to share. It will virtually transform your business, and, by doing that, will ultimately change your life.

Like all genius ideas, it’s plain simple. And it’s not based on anybody’s years of experience as the head of the marketing department, and not even on human psychology – it’s based on BIOLOGY. Continue reading