How to Diagnose and Fix Search Traffic Drops


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6 Twitter Link Building Tricks

Here is the deal. A lot of big shots in your industry have corporate Twitter accounts and could put a link to your site. Check out 6 simple ways to get the attention of the Twitter folks in your niche and get some fat backlinks.

1. Find Big Names on Twitter

First of all, you can search for the Twitter accounts of the top-ranking websites in your field. For instance, if you are a New York-based CPA, you might as well start by looking for, say, the Ernst & Young Twitter account. Dig into who they follow on Twitter – what you will find there are going to be your most valuable contacts. You can tell how influential a user is by checking how many followers it has. Accounts with the biggest following are, probably, the most luring, especially if the number of people they are following is smaller than the number of their followers. However, this is not always the case. So, use your better judgment to decide who to add to your strategic list of contacts.

Ernst & Young

Now, this is the most important part of work. To establish rapport with these people, start following them on Twitter, retweet and reply to their tweets. You may think of other ways to reach out to your target contacts, but these 3 are a must. Continue reading

Top 10 Link-Building Tips for an E-Commerce Store

Link Building Tips

High-quality and abundant backlinks are by far the sure-fire way to drive your website to the top of search engine organic listing. No matter how Google updates its algorithms further, backlicks will always be the main ranking factor (unless social media push them back).

However, quality backlinks are not that easy to get if your website is a 100% e-commerce store. But the more challenging the task is, the more attractive it is.

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Google I/O: 2011 Hunches and 2010 Highlights

I/O 2011Hunches

Google IO 2011

Google’s recent I/O developer conferences were flush with product launches, app demos, sneak previews, phone giveaways and all sorts of news and goodies. Considering that this year’s I/O sold out in 59 minutes and the bid for an attendee ticket reached $3000 on eBay, Google I/O is all the buzz these days.

The event kicks off on May 10-11 in Moscone Center, San Francisco, and will also be streamed live on Google I/O site and at Google I/O Extended “viewing parties” worldwide (admission free, registration required).

As the conference date nears, Web is getting awash with speculations. Will Android Ice Cream come out in time for I/O? Will Google really release Chrome OS during the event or “later this year”? Will the company launch a new social service that has reportedly been in the works? More important for SEOs, will Matt and the crew host a “SEO site advice from the experts” session this year? It’s not on the list thus far, and Matt is scheduled for the Ignite Tech Talk session only.

What are your hunches for this year’s Google I/O?

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Link Bait: Is the Catch Well Worth the Sweats?

Link bait is a Web marketing technique used by those who defy well-greased, traditional ways of propelling a website and try to come up with a fresh, original idea instead. Besides, in some cases, using non-standard marketing approach becomes the only way to beat your competition, especially in highly competitive industries (a point also made by Seth Godin in “Purple Cow”).

What is link bait anyway? It is a blasting, can’t-miss piece of content on your website that inspires users to link to it and share it with the rest of the Web community, thus getting you floods of juicy one-way links. It can be a hilarious video or a jaw-dropping piece of news that creates enough buzz on the Web. Opposed to link bait are traditional link-building techniques, such as trading links with other websites or buying backlinks.

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