Has the Penguin Update Pecked You?

It’s becoming a pattern: Google launches an update, webmasters post angry rants on forums, share stories of business going kaput, SEO services put together quick newsletters offering information and alternative solutions. Meanwhile, Google wags its finger, says, “I told you so” and starts planning a new update.

Fact is that when it comes to organic search webmasters have to follow whatever Google says. So, really there is no point in lamenting about Google’s policies and discussing how every update has an ulterior motive.

There’s one rule of survival in the SEO world: ADAPT AND ADAPT FAST! Continue reading

A day in the life of an SEO Copywriter

I’ve always wanted to write. I think that’s something you can’t just fall into. In other jobs, it’s easy to fall into roles that you didn’t intend on doing. But I think writing is something you just have to have a passion for. I’m a copywriter, which handily involves quite a bit of writing.

In case you weren’t sure what a copywriter was, the definition is “a person who writes copy for the intention of advertising a particular person, business, idea or subject.” But why would you want to do this? Well, it’s a great way to get your ideas to a wider audience. Continue reading

Google Causing Disarmament Race Among SEOs?

Death StarI assume you’ve heard about Google announcing an upcoming crackdown on ‘over-optimized’ websites? I bet the news has reached even the most faraway parts of the SEO galaxy.

As is often the case, Google did not say what exactly it meant by ‘over-optimized websites’. The only concrete piece of information that Matt Cutts provided was that the update would target those ‘throwing too many keywords on a page or exchanging too many links’. Well, what if I exchange not ‘too many’ links, would I be OK then?

OK, seriously speaking, what strikes me as odd is that this time Google decided to pre-announce the change, which is NOT what they normally do. I wonder if that’s just another Google’s stunt, intended to get SEO’s spooked out, so that they just roll over and stop their ‘malicious’ SEO practices? Continue reading

Are You Guest Blogging or GUESS Blogging?

Ok, you have a blog, that’s great. But, just like in real life, if you want to form a stronger relationship with other bloggers and readers out there, not only should you host evens at your humble abode, but also visit other people’s homes from time to time.

In the blogosphere, this sort of virtual socializing is known as guest blogging. Guest blogging is a perfect opportunity to engage with wider audiences, flaunt your resource and, perhaps, make a friend or two. Continue reading

Market Samurai Alternative Wanted!

29 January 2012 Eugene Ware “Head Samurai” officially announced via the corporate blog that Market Samurai software functionality was seriously limited.

Several days ago, Google made some significant technical changes to its services that make it impossible to reliably perform large volumes of free queries.

To tell the truth, the post shades no light on any details and looks more like Raven Tools promo: Eugene Ware recommends it as a Market Samurai alternative (read the full text). More to this, he doesn’t elaborate on the treacherous ‘significant tech changes’ in Google. By the way, no other rank tracking software developers are reporting any issues. Continue reading