Does Your Site Have a Cause? One Ultimate Question to Rule Them All!

There are over 1 000 billion webpages indexed on the Web – and only 2 billion people using the Internet on the Globe. So, how do you make your site stand out? How do you penetrate the swarming beehive of the online market? Or set up a unique affiliate blog?

Well, guys, this is NOT just another post that gives you tips like, oh, you gotta make your site unique, make it stand out, be passionate about what you do, yada yada.
What it IS about is a life-changing, revolutionary idea by Simon Sinek that I’d like to share. It will virtually transform your business, and, by doing that, will ultimately change your life.

Like all genius ideas, it’s plain simple. And it’s not based on anybody’s years of experience as the head of the marketing department, and not even on human psychology – it’s based on BIOLOGY.

Why do you do what you do?

One day, it simply dawned on Simon Sinek that what made all uber-successful brands uber-successful was one simple thing – they were not selling WHAT they did, they were selling WHY they did it.
Let me explain. The part of your brain responsible for rational thinking is called the neo-cortex. This is what the brands that sell WHAT they do appeal to – they appeal to your reason. They advertise their products’ advantages, features, and so on and so forth.

Now, the limbic part in the human brain is responsible for emotions and behavior. And emotions are something that DRIVES us in life, something that actually makes us do things. And it is to this part of the brain that companies that sell WHY they do what they do appeal.

So, Simon Sinek pictured in his mind the “golden circle” of success that shows how different companies function. Thing is that most companies and individuals know WHAT they do and HOW they do it, but very few realize WHY they do it.

First, state your cause

So, here is the most important part of Simon’s concept:

Communicating from the inside out of the circle, instead of communicating from the outside in, makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

In other words, first you tell people WHY you do what you do, and then you talk about HOW you do it, and WHAT it is that you actually offer.

This is what makes really outstanding companies and individuals really outstanding. This is what makes Apple fans wait on the line for 18 hours to get the new iPad, while many people believe that Dell makes just as great computers as Apple.

It’s just that when you look at, you see that Apple talk about WHY they do what they do FIRST, and only THEN they tell you what’s in it for you.

Can you see through their cause? They are set to change your entire computer experience. This is their goal. Does it resonate with what you’d like? If it does – get yourself a Mac!

Now, let’s see how many online business have their cause stated. Actually, not that many. It’s quite rare that you see a website with the company’s motto clearly spelled out.

However, here are some examples. The Tropical Rays Tanning homepage:

The Aggressive Marine group:

Well, I personally think that by simply saying, oh, we are passionate about what we do, you don’t achieve much. You must put some blood and sweat and tears into working out your motto. Only then will it work to attract like-minded people. And those will be your most loyal customers!

Moreover, they’ll spread the word. Thing is, the WHAT-sites need to promote what they do, while the WHY-sites promote themselves.

Still missing your WHY? It’s never too late to add it to your site – and rule them all!

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