Getting Links from 3 Places You’ve Been Missing Out On

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It’s been said that SEO is 90% links, 10% other things, that links attribute 50% of the search algorithm, that link building shares common tenets with improve comedy, and about a gazillion of other linktastic facts and utterances.

No wonder then that search marketers have turned into fanatical link gluttons.

While fresh SEO’s scavenge for quick fix links from anywhere and everywhere, the trade veterans are keener on feeding off of wholesome link building recipes.

So if you are into gourmet style link building, here are 3 untrodden venues where you can get extra savory links.

1. LinkedIn

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With 100 million+ users, LinkedIn is a great place to promote not only your professional self but also your online business. A LinkedIn company profile page will feature your website, product descriptions, logos, videos, tweets, and blog post updates. Talk about online visibility!

Plus you can advertise job openings, create ad campaigns, and even track analytics data such as LinkedIn company page views, unique visits, clicks, number of followers and visiting member profiles. Nothing fancy but gives you a good insight into who reads what on your LinkedIn company profile page.

LinkedIn Answers is another nifty link building venue analogous to and Yahoo! Answers. You get to ask and answer questions in your business (and keyword) niche, build credibility, and get more targeted traffic as a result. Feel free to ask for a link if you gave someone a helpful answer. Chances are they won’t refuse.

Just remember that your LinkedIn profile is on the line so make sure your answers are genuine, links appropriate and keywords unobtrusive.

2. NetworkedBlogs on Facebook

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This Facebook app boasts 1,643,352 monthly active users, which may not seem like much until you realize that most of them are marketing savvy hence receptive to guest blogging and link exchange.

Use the app to find bloggers via Facebook, pick ones with most relevant content and decent Networked Blogs rankings, get in touch, and there you have a nice and pretty unique link building source.

3. Interviews


One link building expert discovered that his interview blog posts converted three times better than his other writing pieces. Further testing proved the hypothesis – interview featured content sells like hotcakes.

The question is do you interview someone or should someone interview you? Here is the rule of thumb:

  • Interviewing others, especially group interviews, brings you more links but less leads
  • Getting interviewed, on the other hand, gives you one link but many leads.

So select with care. If you feel like you are not yet an expert in your field, you probably want to hold off giving interviews. If you are a guru of underwater basket weaving or whatever else your niche, you could very well do both, and piggyback on your experience to book interviews with leading professionals in your field.

Final Thoughts

SEO’s are majorly OCD, over rankings, over keywords, and over links. If your site has crammy content, link building probably won’t do much for you. Neither will a top ranking for a keyword that no one searches for.

To overcome the obsession, think of link building (and of SEO) as a holistic strategy to increase your site popularity among people, and the bots will follow suit.

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  • gnarls715
    May 10, 2011

    Too bad most profile links on LinkedIn are “nofollow” .
    Agree 100% with the interview catch.

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