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5 Pillars of SEO-Friendly Site URL Structure

URL – what does the abbreviation stand for? For most of us a URL (aka Uniform Resource Locator) is just an address of some file on the Web. But everyone who has some grasp of SEO knows that creating an … Continue reading

What Olympics can teach us about SEO

In this article, you’ll learn… what the Olympic games and SEO have in common how to apply the winning Olympic principles to your SEO strategy Now that London Olympics’ have started, it got me thinking: what SEO and the Olympics … Continue reading

The Crystal Ball of 2012: SEO Industry’s Biggest Predictions, Distilled

It has become a tradition for the SEO industry folks to make predictions at the turn of the year, and 2012 is not an exception. We have gone through many famous bloggers’ forecasts for 2012, picking out the most important/unusual/controversial … Continue reading

5 SEO Market Leading Tools Meet in a Smack Down: So What’s the Fastest Solution for your SEO?

5 market-leading desktop SEO tools (WebCEO, new high-speed version of SEO PowerSuite, Market Samurai, IBP and Advanced Web Ranking) put to speed-&-performance comparison in basic SEO tasks. Check out the startling test results! The full-scale speed testing included 4 tests … Continue reading

SEO Metrics that Matter: Moving Beyond Website Rankings

For years, SEOs have relied on website rankings to estimate progress. High positions in the SERPs have been their major argument which they used to prove to their employer that they were doing their job. But now times have changed, … Continue reading