Search Engine Submission Services: Why You Should Never Pay for Them

Mouse Trap

Newbie Internet marketers often look for search engine submission services or software. They are excited by promises of ranking and traffic breakthroughs, which are supposed to be facilitated by submitting a website to hundreds or thousands of search engines.

Before getting into the SE submission trap, bear in mind that:

  • No ranking improvement is caused by search engine submission
  • No search traffic is brought in
  • Actually it’s next to useless

Search Engine Submission Explained

If you submit a web page to a search engine, it means you formally invite the SE robot to index it. Your web page is then put in line for review. The time you wait for indexation varies, depending on the number of other pages struggling for the crawler’s attention.


Finally the SE bot pops in and indexes your web page. That’s it. No staggeringly high rankings for your keywords as a direct result. No floods of targeted traffic. The page is indexed, but you still have an SEO road ahead of you to take.

But Getting Indexed is Good, Right?

Absolutely. Still search engine submission is not the only way to get indexed. A single link from another indexed webpage will get you indexed for sure. So save your time and skip the unnecessary routine of submitting every page of your website to search engines – better concentrate on link-building. Thus you’ll kill two birds with one stone: take a sure-fire SEO step and get your web pages indexed.

Of course it won’t do any harm to submit your website to the search engines, though it’s not obligatory. Still, if you’re sure you need it, do it yourself and avoid paying for SE submission services or software.

For manual submission to major search engines, add you URL to Google, submit your site to Bing or Yahoo!.

Manual submission is absolutely free, there’s no need to pay to SE submission services who claim to get your website indexed by 800,000+ SEs. There’re no hundred thousands of search engines, and companies who promise such broad indexation are absolute scams.

What they will probably do is submit your page to a few hundred search engines and directories. However, most of them will be niche directories that won’t accept you unless your site is built around the same topic (your site is not about everything, is it?) Your site will also probably be submitted to FFAs (Free For All links pages) that won’t improve your rankings, but will scrape your email address and spam your inbox.

To sum it up, just build links and most of the other search engines will find and index your webpage without any submissions.

Other Experts’ Opinions

Many respected bloggers and Internet marketers have already covered the topic of search engine submission. Here’s what SEO experts and authority website promoters say about search engine submission and companies that sell this service:

Search engine submission is nothing but a scam. You don’t need to submit your site to a search engine and you certainly don’t need to re-submit in the future. —

Search Engine Submission Services Are a Scam. —

Never pay for search engine submission. —

As you can see SEO pros are quite unanimous in their opinions that search engine submission services are a scam.

Main points summarized

Don’t waste your time submitting your website to search engines, and don’t waste your money paying to scamy services. Better invest in SEO education and SEO software. Be guided by best SEO practices (see SEO Book): do keyword research, write first-rate content, build links and check your rankings regularly.

That’s what will really help your website get to the Google top and direct tons of targeted traffic to it, not search engine submissions.

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  • Jessy198
    May 4, 2011

    I can’t believe there are still people ready to pay for SE submission… stuck in the stone age!!!

    • gnarls715
      May 4, 2011

      Those are SEO newbies.

      • admin
        May 6, 2011

        I’d rather say they are not SEOs ))

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