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5 Urban Myths about SEO Software We Discovered When Reading SEO Forums

SEO forums are often invaluable sources of expert knowledge… or at least they are supposed to be. Sadly, even the best ones are often spammed with zero-value comments from couple-of-days-old accounts with wrong ideas about some basic SEO concepts. We … Continue reading

Getting Links from 3 Places You’ve Been Missing Out On

It’s been said that SEO is 90% links, 10% other things, that links attribute 50% of the search algorithm, that link building shares common tenets with improve comedy, and about a gazillion of other linktastic facts and utterances. No wonder … Continue reading

Exploring the Curious Economies of Top 10 Rankings

SEOs tend to obsess over #1 spots in organic SERPs, not without a reason. Top ranked sites get to skim the cream of search while the rest sip on watered down clickthroughs. But what happens (as it often does) if … Continue reading

Search Engine Submission Services: Why You Should Never Pay for Them

Newbie Internet marketers often look for search engine submission services or software. They are excited by promises of ranking and traffic breakthroughs, which are supposed to be facilitated by submitting a website to hundreds or thousands of search engines. Before … Continue reading

Website Redesign with SEO in Mind: a Checklist to Secure High Rankings

In a highly-competitive web 2.0 age of today, many webmasters redesign their websites several times a year. This lets them stay up-to-date with the hottest web design and usability trends and outrank their competitors (who are also preoccupied with refreshing … Continue reading