5 Urban Myths about SEO Software We Discovered When Reading SEO Forums

SEO forums are often invaluable sources of expert knowledge… or at least they are supposed to be. Sadly, even the best ones are often spammed with zero-value comments from couple-of-days-old accounts with wrong ideas about some basic SEO concepts.

We are most deeply puzzled over SEO software delusions. Thus, we have summarized 5 most popular urban myths about SEO software we encountered when reading SEO forums and explained why they are not true.

Myth 1. “SEO software = automated submissions”

Many people believe that SEO software is restricted by automated submission apps. It’s not. SEO software is far more than that. It includes rank checkers, keyword research tools, backlink checkers, on page optimization and link-building software. So in a broad sense, SEO software does not equal automated submission software.

Myth 2. “SEO software is harmful to your website. Using SEO software results in a ban from Google and listing among Bad Reputation Sites.”

If we talk about SEO software in a broad sense (i.e. not automated submission apps) – they can’t do any harm to websites. Yes, SEO software sends automated requests to search engines, for example when checking ranks, but it doesn’t result in a ban from Google.

Google can’t trace that a particular website is optimized with the help of SEO software, because the IP address of the computer at which you’re running your software is usually different from your website’s IP address.

If using SEO software resulted in a ban from Google that would have been the most powerful weapon to fight with the online allies. Imagine, you use SEO software to “optimize” your competition’s website and voila – it drops out of SERPs completely.

Again, if we talk about automated submission tools purely – yes, they can be harmful, and it’s better to stick to at least semi-submission tools.

Myth 3. “Using SEO software = black-hat SEO”

Just the opposite, world leading SEO software providers are focused on assisting purely white-hat methods, e.g. keyword research, improving the content, fixing broken links, i.e. methods that improve user experience and website’s visibility in search engines.

Myth 4. “If you use SEO software, you reject organic SEO strategies”

This myth is similar to myth 3, still a little bit different. Webmasters who oppose using software to organic SEO believe that every step of SEO campaign should be done manually, because it is more effective in the long run though more time-consuming.

Most experienced website promoters would disagree to that. SEO campaigns are becoming increasingly complicated and varied, and it is more cost-efficient to automate some routine processes rather than do everything manually. Applying SEO software wisely is more than cost-efficient – it’s vital to survive online.

Myth 5. “If you look for software help, you’re lazybones not interested in mastering SEO”

Though first-rate SEO software has proven to be helpful even for complete SEO newbies, the majority of SEO software users are internet marketing pros who spend lots of time and energy on mastering SEO. They look for SEO software assistance not because of their unwillingness to work but rather in search of smart strategies, which allow them to reduce costs.

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  • gnarls715
    May 20, 2011

    There are 2 kinds of SEO software haters. 1-have never done SEO, 2-provide SEO services and want their manual labor appear more valuable.
    As for submission tools… Gimme a break, those are useless anyway.

    • admin
      May 23, 2011

      A good submission tool is a power weapon in skillful hands. Don’t deny this ))

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