How To Earn The Trust Of Your Customers Through Social Media

Using social media channels has emerged as one of the most effective strategies for earning and cultivating the trust of customers over web. Most of the businesses believe that the best way to build relationships with their customer is by being at all the places where your customers visit and spend time. However, this is just the beginning of the journey as there is a lot more that you have to do in order to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers. Having an online presence over major social channels is just not enough.

Whether it is in real life or the online world, strong relationships can only be developed by earning the trust of others. The breed of online users is a very skeptical one and they do not trust easily. Earning their trust is a little tricky and requires proper efforts. The bottom line to earn their trust is by communicating with them and responding them in a proper way. Mentioned below are 4 steps that will help you in earning and strengthening the trust of your online visitors.

Use Emotionally Correct Responses: Answering the queries of your customers is very important for your online reputation but that is not how you are going to earn their trust. To earn their trust you have to respond in an empathetic and emotionally correct manner. If you answer your customers with an attitude that shows that they are just another problem for you to be solved then you are definitely not doing it correctly. On line users sense these things very quickly. Adding a little genuine concern and correct emotion in your responses will take you a long way in earning their trust.

Further, when you have solved the query of a customer and he has a really good experience in dealing with you, make it known to everybody. Remember to thank them and circulate their feedback on social networks. This will help you in connecting with those customers who might have similar problems or feelings but haven’t yet made them known to you.

Make Sure That You Deliver Right Solutions: Paying attention to your customer’s problems and queries is important but it is more important to let them know that you are there to deliver proper solutions for all their concerns and queries. Your customers should be allowed to post their concerns and feedbacks on the most effective locations. These locations may be your social pages on twitter, Facebook etc or on your website. Provide multiple entry points for your community members under one roof and enable effective communication.

Different users might prefer a certain social network over others which makes it important for you to make sure that all the conversations your customers are having are accessible from anywhere your customers are. This will allow them to contact with people having similar likes and dislikes. They can easily join the conversations that they like.

Let Them Experience It: Businesses and organizations are usually eager to propagate their knowledge and company values to customers. However, it does not reflect nicely when you start promoting yourself openly. You need to make them experience your values through your brand’s community. Setup a system to archive, organize and share conversations where all your community members can come and gain knowledge. This does not means that you don’t have to write and share new content. Make sure that your official blog is regularly updated with new informative posts and your twitter page is sending originals tweets. You might be surprised to know that your online community is a living FAQ and you should turn it into knowledge by reorganizing the conversations.

Keep It Going: Even after you have earned the trust of your customers your work does not ends. In-fact, they are going to get more engaged with you and your brand. You are required to perform better than what you have been delivering till now and continue your efforts in order to maintain this trust. You need go one step further and start trusting your customers as real relationships are a two way street which requires both the parties to walk equal distance.

Trust is the most important element of real relationships and you need to prove that you earned it through your efforts. Follow the above mentioned steps and you will earn the trust of your customers and keep the relationship going.

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Ronald Justin is a social media marketing expert and likes to read novels on variety of topics. Currently, Ronald is associated with Xicom Technologies, specializing in offshore web development and mobile application development services. Xicom offers meticulous business solutions to its international clients through software and Web Application Development Services.

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  • Vicky Rana
    May 22, 2012

    That’s really a great subject to point out – ‘Trust your customers through Social Media’ in the world of fake.

    Thanks for the great share.

  • Rishabh Kapoor
    June 5, 2012

    I completely concur with you Mr Ronald. Earning you customer’s trust is the initial step one should always go for. Customer is always interested in solution to his/her query rather that buying in your product.

  • Mel
    June 7, 2012

    Striking the right balance of posts is critical. Some sites get away with multiple FB updates per day, but I learned quickIly that I lost fans by doing that. Trial and error has taught me that 2-3 updates per week on FB is all any of my visitors will tolerate or I start to lose fans. 1-2 updates a week is optimum for my users. Twitter has a much shorter timeline. More than once per hour is often considered excessive. Build the trust by listening to your customers and watching their behavior. If they don’t like something, stop doing it. You can’t please everyone, but the trends of comments and behaviors are very telling.

  • Jesse
    June 18, 2012

    Thanks for your thoughts. I agree. I think being fully engaged with customers and giving them good feedback in social media goes a long way in building trust.

    Being involved completely in their social media is a big commitment, but if a business does it right, they can earn trust quickly.

  • Diana Alba
    July 19, 2012

    Trust is one thing that you cannot overstep, even in the world of social media. You just need to trust your customers if you need it to social media services to yield positive results to your business.

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