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Top 5 SEO Pitfalls to still Avoid in 2013

After such updates as Panda and Penguin, business owners and SEOs had to suddenly become more sophisticated and delicate in their SEO activities, which previously led them to success and lots of traffic and links. However, the most common result … Continue reading

Be aware of Scam

During recent years the SEO world suffers from a fierce arms race: every time Google sends some disasters like its Penguins or Pandas, webmasters invent something to fight back. Guest blogging was born as a source of relevant contextual links … Continue reading

Christmas Gifts from Google: Raven Tools Alternative Wanted

Raven SEO Tools got a harsh Christmas present from Google. On December 7, 2012 they announced [] via their corporate blog that Raven is not going to support rank checking functionality and SEM Rush data any more. According to Patrick … Continue reading

Checking Competition Using Proxy

Some people may refer to me as a competitive character. Sometimes it’s not always the best quality and not a pretty picture; just think of me as Monica from Friends. However, one thing I learned in life is that you … Continue reading

Advanced Filters in SEO SpyGlass: Backlink Analysis Made Easy

We all know how time- and effort-consuming it is to do a complete backlink audit of a site. This is particularly true of websites that have old and/or extensive link profiles. Before the termination of Yahoo! Site Explorer, one could … Continue reading